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"Growing healthy food has become a REVOLUTIONARY Act!" 

Learn how to grow the healthiest food on the planet!

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About Us

The  NaturaGrow®  Garden Club was started in December 2014 by five members of SHUMEI AMERICA.  After watching Shumei introduce the Natural Agriculture gardening to over 2,000 women farmers in Zambia, we thought that it would be useful to also introduce Natural Agriculture to people who want to grow healthy vegetables and fruit in their own back yards!

With the relocation of two key Founders to Oregon State, the Founders decided to move the club under the umbrella of YOUTH PUBLICATIONS, INC., a charitable non-profit organization headed by Annie Pierce, one of NaturaGrow's Founders.  This decision made it possible to keep the Club close to many of the current members, as well as Shumei America, and the Hollywood Center.

Mission Statement

NaturaGrow®'s Mission is to teach and inspire people to share the growing, eating, and health benefits of Natural Agriculture food products throughout the United States and beyond.  We serve and educate individual gardeners, schools, businesses, and organizations about the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical connection of all things with Mother Nature, utilizing Natural Agriculture gardening and edible garden landscaping as a catalyst. 

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We provide our Members with detailed Step-by-step "How To- Videos" for starting, planting, maintaining, and harvesting a delicious Natural Agriculture Garden or Farm! 

We also provide on-site edible garden landscaping services, for an additional fee.

Services We Provide

Member Benefits

* Textbook - "The Message in a Seed"  

* Natural Agriculture "how-to" videos

* NaturaGrow®  Seed Bank access at

* Seasonal Seeds and a Seed Planting Chart 

* Access the worldwide Natural Agriculture. community   

* Receive continuous support for managing your garden 

* Planting Support from local members  

* Counseling/coaching from experienced Natural Agriculture farmers/gardeners 

* Invitations to Natural Agriculture conferences, workshops, and farm/garden tours

* Access to Natural Agriculture foods and products made by other farmers 

* Opportunity to sell your garden produce at the upcoming Green Life Food Markets

Become a Member TODAY!

Membership is $50.00 and payable with this convenient




Gardening With Friends and Family is Fun!
Gardening With Friends and Family is Fun!

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Sri Lan harvesting delicious Strawberries
Sri Lan harvesting delicious Strawberries

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Harvest Time
Harvest Time

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Gardening With Friends and Family is Fun!
Gardening With Friends and Family is Fun!

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Natural Agriculture = NO CO$T GARDENING!

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