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Let's Cultivate Nature's Bounty Together!

Welcome to NaturaGrow® Garden Club, where we celebrate the wonders of promoting natural and sustainable agricultural practices.

Join our club, passionate about fostering healthy ecosystems, embracing biodiversity, and promoting natural gardening techniques. Explore our resources, from expert tips on permaculture to discussions on companion planting methods. Engage in workshops, exchange seeds, and discover the joy of growing your own food using Natural Agriculture. Let's sow the seeds of a healthier, greener future while fostering a deeper connection with Mother Earth.

We are here to teach you how to feed the people

and teach them how to feed themselves. 

Grow Green, Connect, and Thrive!

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Mission Statement

NaturaGrow®️, where the seed of knowledge blossoms into a bountiful harvest!

At NaturaGrow®, we're on a mission to sow the seeds of education in community institutions across the country ready to embrace the joy of growing and consuming Natural Agriculture healthy food products. From individual gardeners to schools, colleges, churches,  businesses, and even throughout the network of L.A. Parks and Recreation Centers, our club is poised and ready to educate Los Angeles citizens, young and old, about the healing magic of Mother Earth. 

Our knowledge base extends far beyond mere cultivation and growing of produce.  At NaturaGrow®, we're fostering a spiritual and holistic health connection between all people, animals, plants, and crystals, with Mother Nature.

Nurturing Nature and Empowering Lives Together!


With the sufficient enrollment into our SPACE-TO-GROW Project, we will train community high school youth, who are interested in getting paid to learn how to create healthy home gardens within the communities they live, as well as assist in the establishment of EDIBLE GARDENS at selected LA Parks.  NaturaGrow®  anticipates having community residents become members of a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). The CSA Members will have the opportunity to become "new" NaturaGrow® Members, by allowing the SPACE-TO-GROW graduates to create gardens on their properties. Our members will not only have gardens created on their properties by the youth but will also be able to participate in the regular purchase of different food varieties grown using Natural and Permaculture Agricultural methods throughout their immediate communities.  Our community efforts, training, and expansion plans are what will make the NaturaGrow® Garden Club flourish throughout ever-expanding neighborhoods, counties, and beyond!

We have budgeted our "Space To Grow" Project to cost $300,000 for the year 2024 to train and employ 20 Youth part-time and purchase a NaturaGrow Food Trailer and Truck for the continual sale of the produce by the youth throughout their communities.  They will be encouraged to create their own businesses!...tracking expenses and sales of their produce, as well as expanding the varieties of their naturally-grown products.


Harvesting Health, and Sowing Sustainability With Education!

Please DONATE to make our Dream become REALITY for 20 L.A. Youth in 2024!

Our instructors

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Annie Pierce, the co-founder and CEO of NaturaGrow® Garden Club, has been an active participant in Natural Agriculture gardening since 2011. Annie stepped into the world of healthy living at Augustus Hawkins Nature Park with an array of vibrant, hands-on food workshops taught by the dynamic team at NaturaGrow®!

Celestine Barnwell, the seasoned co-founder whose gardening expertise spans over 25 fruitful years, offers a treasure trove of wisdom in tree pruning, planting in pots, and worm farmin


Marina Montgomery is a talented artist in landscaping who navigates the certification process for home-grown produce, empowering you to sell your harvest on bustling public streets and lively farmers' markets. 

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