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Launched in December 2014 by five members of Shumei America, NaturaGrow® Garden Club prospers to nurture gardens and nourish communities. Our target audience has always been the ones who want to grow healthy vegetables and fruit in their own backyards and are willing to promote sustainable gardening practices. Shumei members introduced Natural Agriculture gardening to over 2,000 women farmers in Zambia, which became the inspiration behind the development of NaturaGrow® Garden Club. The club members started offering memberships for $40 and traveled individually helping the new members in creating their vegetable gardens.

With the relocation of two key founders to Oregon State, the founders decided to move the club under the umbrella of Youth Publications, Inc., a charitable non-profit organization headed by Annie Pierce, one of the co-founders of NaturaGrow® Garden Club.  This decision made it possible to keep the Club close to many current members, Shumei America, and the Shumei Hollywood Center.

Currently located in the City of Flowers and Sunshine, Los Angeles, CA, the legacy of NaturaGrow® Garden Club is in the introductory phases and training of YOUTH in sustainable gardening practices. The co-founders are now reaching out to young individuals and training them to create Natural Agriculture gardens and healthy food in their respective neighborhoods. We want to pay them to learn and establish backyard gardens, but we need DONATIONS from the community to make that happen.  Please use the following secure PAYPAL QR Code to make Tax-Deductible Donations to our vision! Thank you!

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