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It's time to learn how to grow, buy, and prepare healthy food for long, strong, and happy lives!



We believe that the best healthcare is SELF-CARE, and taking full responsibility for yourself, and your family's spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health is today, a REVOLUTIONARY ACT!



There is a chronic situation of homelessness in America's major cities, and we believe that "we the people" can meet the challenge... working together! Stay-tuned for  the development of our "No-Interest Home Loan" Program!



Money, money, money, they say makes the world go round, but if you don't have good Food and Health...YOU'RE SCREWED!                So, we've created the 


along with easy  SELF-CARE

solutions, we teach our members simple stock options  trading strategies that can create extra daily and weekly income!

Our Growth Story   

NaturaCare® is the Health Division and official Trademark of YOUTH PUBLICATIONS, INC. (YPI), a 501c(3) California non-profit Corporation established in 1979. Our mission has expanded several times over the past 45 years, and evolved from initially developing supplementary educational materials for public school children, to the herbal health education of the Los Angeles community with the publishing of the Community Circle News (1990-1999), having a bi-monthly printing and distribution of 30,000 free tabloid newspapers throughout Los Angeles County, from Pasadena, on the north,  down to Long Beach on the south. 

In 2009, after discovering that Raw Apricot Seeds cured cancer along with over 100 other Natural Cancer Cures, and that these effective cures were systematically being kept from the American people by the American Medical Association, YPI’s focus became exposure of Natural Cancer Cures to the world, using the Internet for five years, creating two websites that systematically stayed on page one of Google for many years, educating millions of people around the world about alternative Cancer Cures.

In 2010, after discovering the deadly chemical poisons used in Conventional farming, and the widespread development of Genetically Modified Organisms seeds, the importance of eating only Organic produce, and ultimately, vegetables, herbs, and fruits, grown using Natural Agriculture methods, became vitally necessary.


Since the creation of the trademark, NaturaCare® in  2012, our mission statement has become:

"To FEED the people, HEAL the people, and TEACH the people how to feed and heal themselves!" 

​This mission statement identifies the current two major divisions of YPI, NaturaCare® for Natural Health information ( ), and NaturaGrow™, for growing and eating Naturally Healthy Food ( ).

Let's get started being HEALTHIER  and WEALTHIER ... TOGETHER!

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We have learned how to end SICKNESS and HUNGER in the world  with the information that we have learned over the past 12 years! Let us help YOU to become a HEALTHIER and WEALTHIER YOU by becoming a NaturaCare® member with a monthly $10 donation, which is PayPal-Safe and is 100% Tax-Deductible by using the Qr Code over to the right, or by using the link below.! 

Thank you!

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in our mission to create
quality food access, SELF-CARE and WEALTH for everyone!
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Use this handy Qr code to become a  NaturaCare®  Member for $10/month, and/or to share your 10% Earnings Gratitude when you make money from learning Stock Options Trading!

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After doing what was suggested by one of the NaturaCare® Healing Providers, the chronic swelling in my feet magically stopped and my left foot looks like normal now!"

Diane A. age 65

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