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NaturaGrow® and NaturaCare® Join Forces to Launch
The 30-Day “GBOMBS” Challenge for Los Angeles Communities

On Saturday, July 8th, 2023, NaturaGrow® will be introducing its Gardening Students to the wonderful world of SPROUTED SEEDS, and all of the nutritional and health advantages of eating Sprouts on a DAILY basis.   This workshop will also give the students the opportunity to have their weight, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels recorded by one of the NaturaCare® Health Providers for participation in the 30-DAY “GBOMBS” Challenge, where participants will challenge themselves to only eat Fresh Organic Greens, Beans, Onions, Mushrooms, Berries, and Seeds, and drink water and Herbal Teas for the next 30 Days to significantly improve their health.

Annie Pierce, the  NaturaGrow® and NaturaCare® CEO remarked, ”I was shocked last year when I discovered that the Hispanic community led the entire country in Obesity, High Blood Pressure, and  Diabetes!   It seems that this community doesn’t realize how their traditional and cultural eating habits negatively affect their health, and a similar situation is also true for the African American Communityl!  We want to show these communities how EASY it can be to replace their poor unhealthy diet and eating habits by learning to grow fruits and vegetables using Natural Agriculture methods, and preparing delicious entrees with time-tested healthy recipes.“

The five remaining NaturaGrow® Saturday Workshops, from  July 15th – August 12th, 2023, will continue to be held at the Augustus Hawkins Nature Park, located at 5790 Compton Avenue, Los Angeles 90011, and will focus on both raw and healthy cooked food demonstrations and recipes.

Miss Pierce recalls her weight challenge, “When I discovered that I weighed 170 pounds in 2021, I was devastated because I'm only 5'2", and I had never weighed that much in my entire life!  I immediately started eating more Organic GBOMBS food, drank more water, and purchased a SPROUTING Kit.  Now, I weigh a comfortable 144 pounds, and plan to keep eating, exercising, and resting the way I have been doing for the last 1-1/2 years!  I’m very excited to share my favorite delicious recipes, and healthy lifestyle practices with the Los Angeles Community.”

Youth Publications, Inc., the parent non-profit organization, invites the Greater Los Angeles, Hollywood, and Beverly Hills communities to make tax-deductible donations to enable NaturaGrow® to extend this Workshop Series into a year-round event, and continue to FREELY supply the gardening tools, seeds, and fresh organic ingredients needed each week by the Challenge Participants. 

To sign-up for the 30-Day “GBOMBS” Challenge, please CLICK below , or for more information about Youth Publications, NaturaGrow® and NaturaCare®, visit our websites! ,


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