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A Definitive Cure For ALL Diseases

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

The One Minute Cancer Cure Synopsis As my research continues for Natural Cancer Cures and treatments, it was a pleasure to read a book entitled, “The One-Minute Cure” - By Madison Cavanaugh. This book simplifies all diseases as being caused by an oxygen deficiency. Because oxygen makes up such a large percentage of our body, when we become deficient in oxygen, we become ill because the body cannot defend itself from germs, bacteria , viruses and other pathogens. What is Oxygen Therapy? Oxygen Therapy is a term that refers to a variety of practices in which oxygen, ozone, or hydrogen peroxide are administered for therapeutic purposes. The first case where oxygen therapy was administered was in 1783 when Dr. Caillens treated his female patient with daily inhalations of oxygen and succeeded in curing her of tuberculosis. The results of the therapy were published. In 1820, observations on the use of oxygen in the cure of diseases were published by Dr. Daniel Hill, a surgeon and one of the early advocates of oxygen therapy. Oxygen Therapy became known for being useful in treating cases of nervous debility, epilepsy, hydrocephalus, and scrophula. In 1857 an article was published by S.B. Birch, M.D, suggesting that a diseased patient required “more oxygen than he could possibly obtain under many circumstances and in many diseased states from the atmosphere around him.” He went on to write about oxygen possibly being a powerful therapeutic agent, but the medical profession was not ready to accept oxygen as medicine due to lack of trials on a sufficient scale. Throughout the rest of the 19th century, super-oxygenation and inhalation of oxygen gas were recognized as having therapeutic value in dealing with disease. The 20th century established the use of oxygen in medicine and surgery, as well as intravenous injection of oxygen and oral inhalations of oxygen for therapeutic purposes. Ozone was first used in 1915 by Albert Wolff, a German doctor, to treat patients with skin diseases. In the 1950s, several German doctors began using ozone to treat cancer. Also, in the 50s, cancer researchers started using hyperbaric oxygen therapy wherein the patient inhales 100% oxygen under pressure while inside a hyperbaric chamber. Since that time hyperbaric oxygen therapy has helped heal people with a variety of disorders and injuries, such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, diabetes, stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, brain injury, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and more! Why Does Oxygen Therapy Work so well? Oxygen makes up 62% - 71% of our bodies, and viruses, bacteria and pathogens CANNOT survive in oxygen-rich environments. A highly oxygenated body is not only immune to disease, but it also destroys any disease that already exists in the body! And it’s not something that simple deep-breathing can accomplish, especially with the amount of pollution in today’s air, and the fact that only 15% of the oxygen we inhale is absorbed into the bloodstream. It is imperative that oxygen enters the blood, and the blood then delivers it to the cells and tissues of the body. When higher levels of oxygen exist in the tissues, bacteria and viruses are killed along with defective tissue cells, while normal cells survive and multiply quickly, thus, making the body healthier. In 1931 Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for proving that viruses cannot proliferate or exist in an environment with high levels of oxygen. That’s because viruses are ANAEROBIC, which means that they exist and thrive in the absence of oxygen. Dr. Warburg was quoted a saying, “Deprive a cell 35% of its oxygen for 48 hours and it may become cancerous.” He went on to state that the prime cause of cancer is insufficient oxygen at eh cellular level, and that cancer cells cannot survive in a high oxygen environment. EVERY HUMAN BEING has cancer cells existing in the body which are just seeking a low-oxygen environment where they can multiply into the full-blown disease! There have been countless studies since Dr. Warburg’s that have proven conclusively that increased oxygenation, (no matter what form) , bring s about the destruction of viruses. Cancerous tumors shrink when put into contact with oxygen, and almost all toxins, bacteria, viruses, pathogens and disease microorganisms are oxidized and killed in high oxygen environments. Ozone and hydrogen peroxide are the easiest substances available for effectively oxygenating the body. They react similarly inside the body by giving up the extra oxygen atom in their molecular configuration, thereby producing an oxygen-rich environment in the body. Hydrogen peroxide is by far the more readily available and easy to use. The main reason why the pharmaceutical industry hasn’t embraced these two powerful oxygenation methods is that both substances are non-patentable and very easy to manufacture and use. Furthermore, the financial viability of the entire Medical Industry would be threatened if virtually all diseases were to be eradicated by the use of ozone or hydrogen peroxide. Home Usage of Hydrogen Peroxide If you plan to utilize hydrogen peroxide as part of your therapy, or health-maintenance program you want to only use 35% food grade formula (available at health food stores). At this strength, however, the product must be handled with care for it will burn your skin if your spill any and it is flammable. Should you allow it to come in contact with your skin, flush immediately with water. Be sure to only dilute the concentrated hydrogen peroxide using the table below. (Table adopted from “The One Minute Cure” By Madison Cavanaugh) HYDROGEN PEROXIDE THERAPY DAY Number of drops of 35% Times /Day Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide in 8 ounces DISTILLED WATER ____________________________________________________________________ 1 3 3 2 4 3 3 5 3 4 6 3 5 7 3 6 8 3 7 9 3 8 10 3 9 11 3 10 12 3 11 13 3 12 14 3 13 15 3 14 16 3 15 17 3 16 18 3 17 19 3 18 20 3 19 21 3 20 22 3 21 23 3 22 24 3 23 25 3 NOTE: ALL DOSAGES ARE TAKEN THREE TIMES EACH DAY! Be sure to use ONLY DISTILLED WATER to dilute the Hydrogen Peroxide, NOT water that has been chlorinated (like faucet water), and ALWAYS TAKE IT ON AN EMPTY STOMACH, at least one hour before a meal, or at least three hours after a meal. When you have completed the 23-day regime in the table, gradually decrease the dosage by one drop a day until you get back to the maintenance dose of 3 drops (diluted in 8 ounces of distilled water) 3 times a day. If you have a serious condition, you may wish to try taking 25 drops three times daily for one to three weeks before tapering down to the maintenance level of 25 drops twice daily for up to six months. With 25 drops the hydrogen peroxide solution tastes like bleach, and a few people find it difficult to drink at the higher concentrations, but many people find that chewing sugar-free gum with no artificial flavors or sweeteners after drinking the solution solves the taste problem. If taste becomes a major problem for you, try diluting the hydrogen peroxide with six to eight ounces of milk, aloe vera, or watermelon juice instead of water, or decrease the number of drops you put into each glass of water and increase the number of glasses you drink each day to equal the correct total number of drops on the chart. So there you have it! A simple DAILY self-administrating therapy to cure ALL DISEASES and maintain your body in a totally disease-free state of being!!!! How AMAZING IS THAT!!!! Whether you believe in this proposal for optimum health, or not, the treatment is so simple, why wouldn’t YOU do it, just out of curiosity? It might actually work for you AND for one of your loved ones... PLEASE REMEMBER this is ONLY A SYNOPSIS of the Book "The One-Minute Cancer Cure" the Secret to Healing Virtually All Diseases" by Madison Cavanaugh. For more detailed information about this wonderful Cancer Therapy please add this book to your library, for it is a MSUT READ by all people who are SERIOUSLY ready to become TOTALLY RESPONSIBLE for their Health!

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